Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tangled Party!

Satchel for our scavenger hunt, hidden inside were the kids treat bags. :)
Hit Flynn Rider with a frying pan, I think we got him!
Drew was enjoying the party as well :)
Ally blowing out her candles!
The treat bags with all their goodies.
Flynn Rider, ready to be attacked!
The tower cake, Ally was so excited!
Rapunzel all ready for her big day!
The invitations
Each girl got a Rapunzel hair that they decorated with silk flowers. :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Snow Day!

Oh, what to do when there's a Blizzard warning in effect, school is closed and the kids restless? Consult Pintrest and find some things to do!!! I came across this the other day, indoor, mess-free finger painting!

It's pretty simple, take a gallon Ziplock bag, pour in some paint, seal, then place a white sheet of paper on the table put Ziplock bag over it and attach to the table with painter's tape. Then let your kids "paint" to their hearts content! (One glitch we found, don't use your nails and scrape the causes holes! (hence the extra blue tape in spots!)
The kids had alot of fun with it and it is still attached to the table for play again tomorrow. :)

Next on the list...Play outside of course!!!

Do a little shoveling....

A little exploring....

These two were totally loving the first real snow we've had all winter!

This one....not so much....

Needless to say, Drew couldn't wait to get back inside...
Once inside, we warmed up with a steamy cup of hot cocoa, then made some tasty treats for Daddy when he gets home (and the rest of us!)
Nothing like warm Chocolate Chip Cookies fresh out of the oven!!

We then enjoyed some "quiet time" watching "Hook" and relaxing while Drew took an afternoon siesta. :)Here's my happy camper! Drew is so adorable, always so smiley and happy to see me when I come in to get him after a nap. :)

I love days like these when it is filled with fun activities with my kids that bring so much joy into our lives. This is the greatest part of being able to be home with my children, the little things that mean so much and memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. (Hopefully!)

Getting back into the blogging thing...

Ok everyone, I have had quite the blogging break, but I am going to do my darndest to keep this updated! I have so many fun adventures with my kiddos and I want to share them, so blog, here I come! I already put some pics from Dan's Birthday on here and am working on another post. We'll see how soon I can get to it. but hopefully there will be no more 2 year gaps! :)

Let them eat Cake!!

You may or may not know, but there's nothing I love more than making a fun Birthday cake, for example...I decided for Dan's 30th Birthday I would go out of my cake comfort zone and experiment with marshmallow fondant. It wasn't as dreamy and fun of an experience as I had hoped and will most likely stick to my Mother-in-law's amazing Buttercream Frosting recipe from now on, but it still turned out pretty cool. My hubby is a huge hockey fan and his favorite team is the Vancouver Canucks. So I made a hockey puck with their symbol for his cake. What'd ya think? :)

The kids loved "helping" Dan with the candles...look at the determination on Cam's face!!

Then I have a new friend here that's little girl was having a birthday and her Mom was really stressed about the cake, and the theme was Ducks, sooooo I offered to make the cake. This is what I came up with. :)Oh and I made some ducklings as well since it was a rather large gathering for the party. It was a fun little project.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snow~Bunnies :)

We were so excited to have our first little snowfall. Cam couldn't wait to go out and play. Needless to say, it took 20 minutes to get all the snow gear on and then after 15 minutes we were all frozen and had to come inside! Cam's favorite part was going down his slide head first with it covered in snow, but was then upset when the snow didn't "reappear" on the slide afterwards. He is definatly taking after his Daddy in his love of the outdoors in winter. I prefer to stay inside with a cup of cocoa and watch :).

This was the back-up photo for our Christmas cards..I was going to title it, Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas! This was the night that Cam dumped half the bottle of Mr. Bubbles in the tub while I was getting Ally undressed. He is such a minx lately!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hair cuts!

I have to say, not only do I totally love and miss Jayci, but recently I was exploring through her blog, came accross this picture of her hair and totally loved it! So...when I went to get my hair cut yesterday I showed the stylist her picture and asked her to make my hair similar. :)

This is what I got...
Pretty close, obviously not going to be exact same since Jayci's hair is amazing and I have no time to do anything with mine...but I really like the cut! It's super easy and looks half-way decent without doing anything other then brushing it. Dan even said he liked it, and he always insisted he wouldn't if I got it cut. Thanks Jayci! Oh and by the way, my hair is all natural dyes, perms or anything...hasn't been that way since 7th grade! And I have to say, I like my natural color best, haha, never would have guessed and could have saved myself alot of time and money over the years!

Oh yeah and this little stinker got his mane cut too :)

I love you Mommy!

Recently Ally has discovered how to soothe herself by sucking on her two middle fingers on her right hand...I was thrilled, not only can she make herself happy when I am busy, but she looks adorable doing it!I think of it as her way of saying, "I love you Mommy."

She can even soothe herself to sleep...ahhh, peaceful bliss :)
I love you too Ally!